Running unsigned apps on Mac OS X 10.7+ with GateKeeper

Apple added a new feature to OS X 10.7+ that helps the user be more protected from viruses downloaded through the internet. This feature is called GateKeeper. Gatekeeper keeps viruses off the computer by only allowing apps that are signed through Apple’s Developer Program. This can be helpful sometimes, but users may often need to install unsigned apps. This tutorial shows how the user can do that.

In this tutorial, I will start with a popular Open-Source application called FileZilla. When you first download the application, it will seem pretty normal, but if you try launching the app, you will get this message:

Apparently, Apple doesn

To run the app, right click on the app and select “Open”.

Running unsigned apps on Mac OS X 10.7+ with GateKeeper-Shot#5

Now when you launch the application, you should see the following:

Now it gives you a choice.

Click “Open” and enjoy the application!